U.S. Air Force Veteran Claudia Walker Shares Her Master Plan For Success

Article By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photos Provided By: Claudia Walker

There is an ironic twist found in the logo that represents U.S. Air Force Veteran Claudia Walker’s tutoring business.

The dollar sign that is strategically placed in the company’s name, Tutor 4 $uccess, is used as a paradox of the symbol that society holds to be true; and what she feels to be the true foundation of success – education. Continue reading

Hey, Entrepreneurs – What’s Your 90-Day Plan For Growth?

Story By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photo By: Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea

Looking at all that I’ve accomplished in the last 90-days, there is much to be said about personal and professional development when you are embarking on something new.

Over the last 90-days I’ve learned how to create a website from scratch using WordPress; and from that website I’ve created a platform that assists Veterans in their personal and professional growth. Continue reading

PODCAST: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran J.J. Stakem: Paying It Forward In Support Of Service-Disabled Veteran Scholarships

Story By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photos Provided By: J.J. Stakem


JJStakem LinkedIN

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran JJ Stakem

Armed with an undergraduate degree in economics, coupled with a resume demonstrating his proven experience in the civilian sector, J.J. Stakem thought it would be easy to find work after serving almost 9 years as an officer in the Marine Corps.

The Veteran quickly learned that finding employment on the other side of his Military career wasn’t an easy task. Continue reading

Make Time For Your Goals!

Are You Spending Your Free Time WiselyI know a very talented young lady with a vivid imagination for details and storytelling. As far back as I can remember she’s either wanted to act or write books. She’s even taken a class or two in acting and wrote a couple of short and entertaining novels.

Unfortunately, she has yet to grow into her full potential in these areas because most of her time is focused on partying, watching television, scrolling her social media, finding Mr. Right, and working her 9-to-5.

I hold no judgement against this girl because I spent a lot of my youth being that girl too. Continue reading

Veterans Who Demand Success: A Look At Clint Eastwood

By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Feature Photo: IMDB

I love to read and/or listen to the stories of people who have achieved great success in areas I have a personal interest in.

Because of this innate curiosity, it only seemed natural to provide these same resources on Veterans In Demand.

After interviewing Alejandro Godinez, a fellow U.S. Army Veteran who is currently on the path to growing his career in the film and entertainment industry, I thought it would be fun to provide facts about a Veteran who has already mastered their craft in the same field. Continue reading

PODCAST 008: U.S. Army Veteran Alejandro Godinez: Trailblazing His Path In The Entertainment Industry Part 2 of 2

Good day to you!

Last week I posted the first part of my interview about Alejandro Godinez’s journey out of the Army and the resources he used to help him with his education.

This week is all about his experience in the entertainment industry, thus far. Continue reading