Bernard Bergan: Serving Beyond The Uniform By Empowering The Veterans Community

Name: Bernard Bergan

Current Status: U.S. Army Veteran

Number Of Years In Service: 6

Rank At Time Of Discharge: Sergeant

Military Occupation Specialty: Information Technology Specialist

Post-Military Occupation: Author/Speaker & Technical Account Manager for Microsoft

Life After The Military: After six years of honorable service, Bernard was ready to see what was next in his life’s journey.

He was a member of the first graduating class of the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy, a program the company created to help active duty service members develop the skills necessary for a career in the IT industry.

His family was the primary factor in his decision to make the transition out of the military, but he continues to serve beyond the uniform by empowering the Veterans community through his Veterans Speaker Series and Blogging for various platforms.

Bernard believes Veterans are the Key to Unlocking America’s Next Golden Age. This belief was part of his inspiration for writing “Veterans Transition: A Contact Sport,”  his newly released manual for service members and Veterans looking to self-assess their transitions journey and find purpose after military service.

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