INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT- Corrugated Manufacturing and Packing

By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

While working at a staffing agency, I was once assigned the task of recruiting for a position within the corrugated manufacturing and packaging industry. Since I’d never heard the word “corrugated” before this assignment, my first task was to find out what it meant. What I found is corrugated simply means to draw or bend into folds.

In the corrugated industry, this bending and folding has to do with the manufacturing of boxes for packaging, delivering, and displaying products.



Many of the boxes we see in grocery stores, that contain and ship our favorite foods and beverages, must go through a special manufacturing process at a production plant. These plants house high powered machinery called corrugators that take raw material and create boards. These boards are then converted into the boxes used for packaging and displays.

Those who work in the production side of this industry are responsible for assisting with the operation of these activities and meeting daily production goals.

There are also many opportunities to be explored outside of the the production side of this industry for Veterans who hold an interest and skill sets in other areas.

If you are a Veteran who enjoys working in the creative fields, structural and graphic designers are needed to figure out how to create packaging that would best protect a customer’s products and make it visually appealing. If you are a person that is passionate about environmental issues, the corrugated industry has opportunities for environmental directors to help sustainability focused plants minimize waste and maintain safety.

Opportunities in sales, marketing, human resources and customer service are available for those who enjoy working with people. The analytical minded individuals can find rewarding careers in quality assurance, accounting, or as controllers.

The corrugated manufacturing and packaging industry is a specialized field that needs people of various skills sets. So whatever your interest may be, there are opportunities available in the corrugated industry.

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