Just The Facts Please!

By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photo Credit: Gratisography

If you are hanging around people who are telling you there aren’t any job opportunities in this country, it might be time for a new set of friends!

Or, at the very least, have them show you some proof.

Often times we can't move forward because of the negative talk around us Click To Tweet or the false beliefs we have in our own heads.

If you are like me and prefer the facts over uninformed opinions, feel free to do a job query on the most populated State in the U.S., California, and the least populated, Wyoming.

I am sure you will be surprised to find both States have a plentiful amount of job opportunities.

BTW- There are employers all over the country looking to hire someone with your skills. Take a look at the opportunities that are waiting for you!



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