PODCAST 005: Diverted Military Plans Teach Amber Owens Lessons In Growth and Self-Advocacy

When things don’t work out quite as you’d planned, how do you let that setback affect you?

Do you continue to wallow in self pity and blame, or do you pick yourself up and move forward with an optimistic mindset?

Veterans In Demand went in a different direction with this week’s Podcast by sharing the story of someone who began their journey into the military, but after receiving some unexpected news, decided not to move forward.

Amber Military

Amber Owens completed her Army basic training during the summer of her Junior year in High School. Here she is as a Senior waiting to attend Advanced Individual Training after her High School Graduation.

We felt Amber Owens story was important to share because it’s a story that reflects maturity and growth.

Looking back on some of the decisions she made, Amber admits she wishes she’d handled some things differently. However, there are some things in life that happen for a reason; and we think you will find Amber is all the wiser from the path that she has taken.

The thing that is most inspiring about Amber’s story is how she learned to advocate for herself in her personal and professional life, a quality she conveys in her current career path as a special education teacher.

Amber has some great tips for anyone who may have gone through a situation similar to her’s or might be thinking of entering a similar career path.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Podcast and find it to be a useful resource to apply to your personal and professional growth.

Happy Listening!

Veterans In Demand

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