PODCAST 008: U.S. Army Veteran Alejandro Godinez: Trailblazing His Path In The Entertainment Industry Part 2 of 2

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Last week I posted the first part of my interview about Alejandro Godinez’s journey out of the Army and the resources he used to help him with his education.

This week is all about his experience in the entertainment industry, thus far.

In speaking with Alejandro, I wasn’t too surprised to hear that there are a lot of challenges that go along with his career field; however, instead of letting those obstacles discourage his dreams, he’s found some creative ways to display his art to the world and help others in the process.

If you’re a Veteran who has an interest in cinematography, I am sure you will find lots of value in this Podcast interview.

Happy Listening!



Check out some of the videos Alejandro’s directed. This guy’s got talent!

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