VID 001: Passion Over Profit- Interview With Isiah Fowler U.S. Air Force Veteran Turned Entrepreneur

After leaving the Air Force Isiah Fowler jumped into entrepreneurship.

After leaving the Air Force Isiah Fowler followed his entrepreneurial calling.

By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photos provided by: Isiah Fowler

Creating a life of purpose and passion starts with a vision. This is an idea that U.S. Airforce Veteran, turned Real Estate entrepreneur, Isiah Fowler believes in so strongly that he has created a brand behind this concept.

I recently had an opportunity to interview the man who has deemed himself  “Mr. Starts With A Vision” on the Veterans In Demand Podcast.

I first learned of Isiah through his Instagram page @Mrstartswithavision and shortly after I came across Isiah’s YouTube page where he posts daily messages to motivate people to believe in themselves, do what they love, and put in the work so that they can have the life they desire.

I am always looking for fellow Veterans who have inspiring stories about what they’ve done since leaving the Military, and the thing that stood out about Isiah is the passion in his vision to help people become a better version of themselves.


index(0:10) Elayseah’s intro of her guest
(1:05) Isiah Shares his story about why he joined the Military
( 3:35) Find out the most valuable skill Isiah got from the Air Force and how he’s been able to apply it to his current career path.
(4:35) Learn how Isiah came up with his “Starts With A Vision” Brand.
(6:03) Why it’s important for everyone to share their talents with the world.
(6:30) The counterintuitive lesson Isiah learned about entrepreneurship.
(9:50) Isiah shares one of his biggest challenges in becoming an entrepreneur and what saved him in his start up months.
(10:35) How to create a snow ball effect for success.
(12:30) Isiah’s urgent advice to servicemembers who are nervous about their transition out of the military.
(14:10) Isiah tells what he feels is the most important thing to know for any Veteran thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.



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