VID PODCAST 003: U.S. Army Combat Veteran Kurt Erickson Plans To Tip The Scales In His Run For Elected Office

DSCN1323Written By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photos Provided By: Kurt Erickson

Service, courage, leadership, and humility; these are just a few reasons why Kurt Erickson decided to join the Army as an enlisted Soldier in 2009.

With a family rich in military service, it was no surprise that Kurt’s first instinct was to volunteer and serve his country when 9/11 occurred. However, after expressing this wish to his father, the Vietnam Special Forces Veteran encouraged Kurt to finish his college education and give the civilian sector a try.

Both the father and son agreed that if Kurt’s civilian career did not progress the way that he’d hoped, he would receive his father’s blessing to serve.

The Aurora, Ind. native fulfilled his promise by graduating college and establishing a successful career in the wine industry; but once he reached a plateau in his field, he took some time to evaluate his life and determine how he would like to progress.

Even with all that he’d already accomplished, Kurt still felt an internal tug to serve his country. So, at the age of 29, he made the decision to move forward and join the Army.

After working his way through infantry school, Kurt received orders to report to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The newly enlisted Soldier was quickly noticed for his professionalism and approached about joining a small, tight-knit, team of Snipers.

Kurt accepted the invite and worked his way up the ranks to Sniper team leader and successfully maintained that role while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.

Although his active duty service came to its completion in January 2015, Kurt continues to serve in various facets of his personal life and community.

He serves as a loving and devoted husband and father, he remains in service to his country with the Washington State National Guard, he works as an Area Manager for Amazon Prime, and he most recently announced his run for elected office in Pierce County, Wash.

If elected for Pierce County Council District 6, Kurt plans to resolve several issues on behalf of the citizens in his community, which include public safety, balancing the budget, and allocating dedicated revenue for mental health care.

Tune in to the Veterans In Demand Podcast to hear the interview with Kurt Erickson and learn full details of his Military accomplishments and how he plans to be of service to his community.

(3:05) A family rich in Military history
(7:25) Kurt’s experience with Veterans Transition Program through Camo2Commerce
(10:25) A huge announcement
(11:00) The community issues Kurt is fighting for
(13:20) His Keys to success
(14:00) The importance of supporting a Veteran workforce
(15:35) Why building a network is important

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