VID Podcast 004: U.S. Army Veteran Valeri Kyle’s Pursuit Of Happiness


By: Elayseah Woodard-Hinton

Photos Provided by: Valeri Kyle


Valeri with her husband Spencer and daughter Camilla.

No longer satisfied with her life as a waitress in Fayetteville, N.C., Valeri Kyle knew it was time to make a change.

While working near Fort Bragg, one of the most populated Army bases in the U.S., Valeri came in contact with military personnel on a daily basis, and it appeared to her that they had a certain something that she was missing in her life.

“They just looked like they had it perfect,” said Valeri. “I was like, I want that. I just want to have what they have.”

With a desire to better understand the lifestyle of her uniformed customers, Valeri began networking and asking questions to find out what the Army life was all about.

She eventually took her curiosity a step further and made a trip to her local recruiter’s office. After finding out about the financial stability and benefits that the Military had to offer, Valeri was sold. She then signed up for the the quickest opening that would catapult her into her new life.

Soon after starting her Military career, Valeri met Spencer Kyle, the man who she eventually married, and with this change came a new set of goals; motherhood and continuing her education.

Shortly after giving birth to her daughter Camilla, Valeri made the transition out of the Army so she could focus on being a mother, wife, and nursing student.

Although Nursing was completely different from her Army job as a multi-media specialist, Valeri felt it was a fitting career move for her since she enjoys helping people and the hours met the needs of her family life.

Valeri admits it has been tough trying to balance her family duties with school, but she sets herself up for success by sitting down every Sunday to create a schedule of things she needs to get done and following it as much as possible.

She also solicited advice from peers in her Nursing school program, who were also Mothers, on ways they balance Motherhood with their rigorous studies.

Valeri’s pursuit of happiness lead her to join the Army. Little did she know that the military would be a stepping stone for her to create a family, discover her passion for Nursing, and to grow as a person overall.

She advises any servicemembers thinking of getting out of the Military to have a plan and to pursue something they are passionate about in order to have a smooth transition.

“Change is going to be scary,” Said Valeri. “But, if you have something that you’re passionate about it makes it easier because you feel like you have a purpose.”

IMG_1085Episode Highlights
(1:50) Valeri’s Military story.
(4:38) Making Tough decisions.
(5:32) What Valeri is doing now.
(7:02) Finding balance with parenthood, family, and career.
(9:25) The number one skill she got from the military that’s helped her succeed.
(10:40) Advise for people transitioning out of the service.

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